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We look forward to hosting you at our club. Please refer to the following guidelines to enhance your experience.


Rockrimmon Country Club
2949 Long Ridge Rd
Stamford, CT 06903
(203) 322-3408

  • Driving Directions
    • From Hutchinson Parkway North:

      Merritt Parkway North to Exit 34 (Long Ridge Rd., Route 104). Turn left onto Long Ridge Road (North) for almost 3 1/2 miles; once you see a Sunoco Gas Station, the Club is about 1/4 mile on the right hand side. Please note if you see a sign that says "Welcome to Westchester" turn around you have passed the club!

      From Merritt Parkway South:

      Merrit Parkway to Exit 34 (Long Ridge Rd., Route 104). Turn right onto Long Ridge Road. (North) and follow above directions.

      From Route 684 both ways to Exit 4:

      You are on Route 172. Go towards Bedford, staying on Route 172 to the light - Shell Gas Station on right. Turn left at the light and pass St. Patrick's School and Church. Stay to right at the fork and about 1/2 mile further there is a Mobil Station on the right; turn right at the station and go about 2 miles. The Golf Course is on the left. Club entrance is on left at the border of Stamford and Pound Ridge.

      From I-95 Southbound:

      Exit 7 (Atlantic Street). Bottom of ramp go straight to second light, turn right onto Atlantic Street which becomes Bedford St. at McDonald's. Stay on Bedford St. for 1 1/2 miles, keeping to the left hand lanes. Keep left at the major intersection, then go straight through the next light, passing Lord & Taylor on the right. Stay on Long Ridge Rd. for almost 7 1/2 miles. The Club is on the right hand side.

      From I-95 Northbound:

      Exit 8 (Atlantic Street). Make a left at the bottom of the ramp and proceed under overpass and go straight onto Atlantic Street which becomes Bedford Street. Follow the above directions.

Dress Code & Club Policies

Rockrimmon Country Club maintains a dress code that is mindful of the mutual respect that characterizes Members’ relationships. While one Member may be enjoying our sports facilities, another may be celebrating a special occasion or entertaining on a more formal basis. Recognizing that a dress code cannot reasonably be expected to identify all forms of acceptable or unacceptable attire. Rockrimmon’s dress code establishes minimum standards that apply to Club facilities and activities. Adherence to the dress code by families and guests is the responsibility of the Member. Club Management has been charged with monitoring compliance, both in fact and in spirit. Please abide by the following guidelines to avoid possible embarrassment for yourself or your guests. Members will be notified by flyers and the website when more formal attire is required.

  • Clubhouse, Dining Room and Grill Room
      • Collared shirts are required for men and boys, including children over 5 years old.

      • Country club casual is always encouraged. This includes shirts tucked in and tailored slacks.

      • Shorts must be golf style of Bermuda length (this includes for children). They are permitted morning through afternoon and cookouts as well as family dinners unless otherwise notified, but not for regular dinners.

      • Neat and clean jeans (without holes and not faded) are generally permitted except when specifically prohibited.

      • Gentlemen must remove hats indoors.

      • Clothing not permitted at any time include: short shorts, halter, tank or bare midriff tops, tee shirts, cut -off jeans and jeans shorts, bathing suits, fitness shorts, sweat pants, bike and cargo shorts, sports uniforms.

  • Golf Course and Practice Areas
    • Proper attire must be worn on the golf course and all practice areas by Members and guests whenever the course is open for play.


      Shirts must have a collar and sleeves; all shirts must be tucked in; shorts must be Bermuda-length; tank tops, tee shirts, mesh shirts, cut-offs, sweat pants, jeans, cargo pants, swim wear, gym shorts or any other athletic shorts are not permitted. Caps may not be worn backwards.


      Slacks and shorts/skirts no shorter than Bermuda-length are proper attire as are shirts and blouses. Halter-tops, cut offs, sweat pants, jeans, swimwear, short shorts, short skirts or any other athletic shorts/skirts are not permitted. Caps may not be worn backwards.


      Appropriate golf shoes are required. Tennis shoes or soft-soled shoes are acceptable but not recommended. Football, soccer or other large knobby spike shoes and metal spikes are not permitted.

      The dress code is mandatory. Improperly dressed players shall be requested to change before playing.

  • Tennis Courts & Pool
    • Proper tennis attire is required at all times.


      Men must wear all-white or white with colored trim shirts and shorts. Shirts must be collared or round neck shirts specifically designed for tennis. Printed T-shirts of any kind are not allowed.


      All-white or white with colored trim dresses, skirts or shorts are preferred, however dresses of other colors are permitted as long as they are specifically designed for tennis. Collarless and sleeveless (tank/halter style) shirts, specifically designed for tennis are acceptable.


      Same rules as above.

      Warm up clothing may be of any color. Only tennis shoes appropriate for clay surfaces may be used on the courts.


      • Proper tennis attire does not include: swimwear, fitness clothing, walking shorts, basketball/lacrosse shorts, cut-offs, soccer style shorts, or running shorts,. Cross-training sneakers with heavy treads, running sneakers or flip-flops will not be allowed. Spandex "gym attire" is not acceptable for tennis.

      Pool & Patio

      Bathing suits and tee shirts are permitted only in the pool area. Cover-ups must be worn when dining on the pool patio. 

  • Club Policies
    • Cell Phones

      Use of cell phone on the Golf Course is discouraged. If necessary please turn off ring volume and keep conversation muted and to a minimum. Talking on cell phone is not permitted in the dining room, but other use is permitted.

      Use of cell phones is permitted on the premises and in the locker rooms.


      Tipping is not permitted.

Rockrimmon Country Club

  • 2949 Long Ridge Rd, Stamford, CT 06903
  • (203) 322-3408

Our Mission

Rockrimmon Country Club is a casually elegant Club in the Country defined by a relaxed and family friendly atmosphere where no activity is ever too far away. With continuously upgraded amenities and spectacular grounds, Rockrimmon Country Club is a diverse and vibrant community for golf, tennis, swimming and social engagement. 

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